Preconception Planning leads to a Healthy Pregnancy

October 16, 2008 by  

Having a baby is a big part of a women life and  when you think  it’s time for you to get pregnancy there is a couple of things you must consider.  One is will you be committed to parenthood emotionally, and do you have your body ready to have a healthy baby?

Getting ready for pregnancy is an important step to a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Read about the 5 Steps you need to do to Get Ready for a Healthy Pregnancy

Source:  Department of Health and Human Services

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One Response to “Preconception Planning leads to a Healthy Pregnancy”

  1. Pregnancy on May 1st, 2009 11:05 am

    Hey, wazzup? I want to ask you if it is ok to eat kfc (I’m pregnant in 10 weeks)? My doctor scared me and told me no subway unless i heat it up at home because of listeria and no cold hot dogs because of listria and to limit my intake of fish because of mercury. Has anyone heard anything about kfc?

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