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Quick way to find out when your pregnant cat will give birth.

So you think that you have a pregnant cat?  You know it’s quite different for a cat than it is for a woman.  Where the full term pregnancy for a women is 9 months it’s about 60 to 69 days for a cat.  It also would depend on what breed of the cat because it’s different for different breeds.

You can figure the average length for a cat’s pregnancy is around 65 days.  It’s understood that you have a variation of about 4 days one way or the other.  You could say that the whole cat gestation period may be on the low end 61 days and on the high end 69 days.

As far as the cat pregnancy calendar and for a better understanding of how the calendar works you need to know what the date that your cat mated.  Lets look at an example.  Lets say your cat mated on February 2 which means the date of birth should be on April 8 (65 Days).

Remembering the 4 days one way or the other birth could be as early as April 4 or 4 days later than the average which would be April 12.  For your information the idea for the cat pregnancy calendar was taken from How To Take Care Of Your Pregnant Cat which is a very good source for information on your pregnant cat and also will give you a one year cat pregnancy calendar.   pregnant-cat-book-small

One last thing, what do you do if you do not know the mating date of your cat’s pregnancy.  The best way to determine if and when your cat became or is pregnant go see your veterinarian.  Your vet can use a sonogram to detect a pregnancy as early as two weeks into gestation.  You vet can also feel the developing kittens through the abdominal wall by three weeks pregnant.  Around the fifth week your cat’s belly will start getting bigger.

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