Baby Sleep Tips: For Baby Sleep Problems

January 1, 2009

Ragansleep Is Your Baby Sleeping Through The Night?

One of the main problems you have as a new mom at home is to establish some really good nighttime sleeping habits with you baby.  One of the primary goals is to get your baby asleep on his/her own. 

When you start out you just about have to nap when they sleep and most of the time that’s together.  Every baby will have to go through a transition from sleeping with their mother and getting into a bedtime routine and sleeping by themselves.

Here are some baby sleep tips  to help the transition. Just remember that these baby sleep tips and tricks are not hard rules and you should always consider your parental instincts as a mother.

Daily Feeding Habits

One consideration when trying to teach your newborn to sleep at night is your daily feeding habits.  You should make sure that your baby is eating all the required meals that was recommended by your doctor.

This does two things  – create an important association that feeding goes with the daytime and your child’s appetite will be satisfied for the night.  If your baby wakes up during the night make sure that he’s getting a full meal the first time awake. Night time is not snack time.

Set a Bedtime Ritual

You need to set a bedtime ritual for your baby as soon as possible.  When you baby starts off not sleeping well at night it’s usually because they are use to the naps  with mom. Try to think about and focus on a consistent bedtime routine because your baby is dependant on routines. By repeating the same routine every night like a full feeding, maybe a warm bath and changing will slowly begin to associate these things with sleep.  The main thing to remember is to make these rituals consistent.

Your Baby Needs To Be Comfortable

When putting your baby to sleep at night always try to make your baby physically comfortable as you can.  Baby’s sometimes takes times for them to learn to breathe through their mouth so you need to pay close attention to their nasal breathing and make sure you move the stuffed animals and loose blankets and pillow away from your baby. 

You should make sure that your babies clothes are comfortable to them not cute to us.  Try different clothes out and see which ones your baby may like the best.

The thing to remember is trust your own instincts when it comes to your baby’s comfort.

Your Baby Needs to be Relaxed During the Day

It is very important to encourage restful days at a peaceful pace.  If you spend the time rocking, holding your baby in your arms and kept peaceful you have a better chance that it will carry over into the night.  Also if your baby’s day is stressful like is on his own a lot, and cry for a while to be feed will also carry over into the night. Think about how you are as an adult you have a stress day you have a stress night, same with your baby. 

Develop a Good Attitude

You want your child to develop an attitude in which sleep is both something they enjoy and also a secure safe state of mind.  Your baby should think of sleep as something that’s comforting and something that comes naturally.  When you pay attention to your baby’s feeling and what they want you will encourage a healthier attitude toward their night’s asleep.

A Familiar Environment is Important

Most people think that you have to tiptoe around your baby when they are sleeping to not awaken them.  Just remember where your newborn has been sleeping for the last nine months. 

Your baby slept in many situations that was far from quiet with no sounds and even more so when the mother was out in public socializing with others. You should try to have some back ground noises to help the sleep process.  There are many products on the market today to create these soothing noises. 

The Ferber Method

The Ferber Method was invented by Dr. Richard Ferber which is also known as "graduated extinction" is the most well known sleep training program for children.  This method usually works within a couple of weeks.  The only problem I see with this method is that some people just can not stand to her their baby cry and you have to let your baby cry some before you go in and intervene. 

Associations That go with Sleep

Babies when very young develop sleep associations which are things that you associate with bedtime.  The way you put your child to sleep by holding them, putting in a sleeper or  maybe using a pacifier is creating a sleep association.  Without you doing anything your baby is going to create their own sleep associations.  What you want to do is try to help create associations with items that the baby will have under their control. 

I hope these tips and tricks help with your baby sleep but just remember that these are just tips and tricks and not the hard rule that you have to follow.  Remember your parental  instincts are just as important. 

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