Pet Pregnancy

November 18, 2008


Do You Know What to Expect When Your Pet is Expecting?

Just like human pregnancy is a very serious issue so is pet pregnancy.  It’s not easy to diagnose if your pet is pregnant, it depends on if it’s dog pregnancy, cat pregnancy or whatever pet you have.  You need to really be experienced in the pregnancy of what pet you have to tell if your pet is pregnant and when they became pregnant.  Some of the  pet pregnancies are  dog pregnancy, cat pregnancy, ferret pregnancy, mice pregnancy, pigs pregnancy, rat pregnancy and of course there are pregnant guiniea, pregnant rabbits, mouse pregnancy, and many more.

It’s best to just take your pet to the vet at the first sign that you think they may be pregnant.  If you find out that your pet is pregnant ask your veterinarian all of the precautions and also the preventive care you should do for your pet to make sure that your pet has a healthy pregnancy.

If you are planning to breed your pet it’s very important to make sure that your pet has good health.

You need to make it top priority during the gestation and nursing period of your pet pregnancy that your pet has all the nutritional needs possible.  You may also think about the quality of her food at this time to make sure the diet is optimal.

There are things you need to make sure of in your pet pregnancy like to make sure there is no deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the diet.  You may need to gradually increase her food servings especially protein to make sure your pet has sufficient reserves when the babies arrive.

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